How to Update Your Space for Less!

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Many people think that you have to have a deep savings account set aside to make updates in your home, but I'm here to tell you that you don't.  You can give any room a really great update for less than $500. Are y'all ready for some suggestions on how to update any space in your home on the cheap?   

1. Rearrange Your Furniture:  Moving your furniture around your space is FREE...and it's a great workout. You'll be really surprised by how many different furniture configurations you can do in one room when you do this.   Don't forget that you can change the direction of your rug too.  Be sure to leave a good walk way in the room with your new arrangement. 

2. Shop Your House: Again, this is FREE!  Walk around your house & find things you love & start moving them around.  I moved what use to be our entryway table to my master bedroom not too long ago & now it's my bedside table.  Then I moved a vintage tall boy dresser that I had in our formal to the entryway.  Simple changes make a big impact. Not only can you shop around your house & move furniture pieces, but do the same thing to knick knacks.  Changing up your bookshelves with things you already have is a great way to change up your space.  

3. Add Drapery: The word drapery has you scared that you have to spend $100 per panel on new drapes, but that's so not true.  My favorite curtains in my home (see photo below) came from Ikea, yes I said Ikea, & they were a whopping $24.99 for the pair. They soften up the space & make it feel so much more homey & they look like $100 curtains.  Plus, when my 5 year old runs by them with chocolate covered hands I don't have to cringe, because they will wash & if it doesn't come out...well it was just $24.99 for them.  

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4. New Pillows: Adding new pillows to your living room or bedrooms is an easy fix.  Again, since I have young kids, you won't find me spending $100-$200 on pillows...and even if I didn't have young kids I still wouldn't spend that on a pillow, but that's beside the point.  Go to Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx & get yourself some new pillows.  Think color, texture & patterns.  Mix & match.  

5. Add Some Florals: Adding a few pieces of faux greenery to your bookshelves, mantel, bedside table will easily give that space a pop of color & add texture to the space. You can find some great florals at Home Goods & Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sales.  And of course, Ikea has great potted greenery as well. 

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6.  New Paint:  Whether it's one accent wall or the whole room, paint can do wonders to change up a space.  You don't have to go crazy with paint colors either.  Stick to classic, basic & neutral colors.  If your space feels dark--go lighter, and it doesn't have to be white.  There are some great grays & grieges out there that do a great job of lightening up spaces.  

7. Add a Rug or Get a New Rug: Rugs can be expensive, however, they can add a ton of warmth, texture and color to a space.  I tend to use pretty neutral rugs throughout my home.  When buying a rug, be sure you take into account the pets & people that will be on them.  You aren't going to want a super light rug if you have little people & a black lab running around.  

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8. Minimize Your Bookshelves: One HUGE misconception about built ins is that you have to have something to cover all the white space & in fact that is so false.  I love the look of clean & simple bookcases.  The white space adds a statement all on it's own.  Take things off your shelves & start fresh.  Begin slowly adding things--think height, texture & layers.  

9. Give Your Hardware a Facelift: Changing cabinet hardware can get costly depending on how many cabinet doors & drawers you have, but I recently found a new trick that I used to update my entire kitchen hardware--Rub N Buff.  It's this great tint that you basically rub onto the hardware. My old hardware was oil rubbed bronze, but I thought an antiqued brass would give the space a lot more character.  It took me longer to get the hardware on & off than it did to actually change the color with the Rub N Buff.  If you don't want to DIY it this way, you can find some really great affordable hardware on Amazon, Lowe's & Home Depot.  Go for a different finish.  I'm all about mixing metals in a space. 

10. Add Some Fresh Artwork: I know what you are thinking---artwork is expensive.  Yes, it can be, but I have to say that I've become a fan of DIY abstract art.  Grab some canvases at Hobby Lobby--go BIG, & snag some paint colors that will compliment your space.  I normally let my kid's create art for our space---either by painting or using spray bottles.  If you aren't up for a good DIY or kid craft afternoon, you can find some really great pieces on sale at Hobby Lobby.  

That's it y'all--10 ways to update your space & it won't cost you a small fortune. I promise it’s easier than you think but if you’re still nervous to make changes or have a hard time deciding what to do, reach out and see if we can help you! We offer our online Quick Click Design Fix for easy room solutions or you can choose to go a custom route--either way, we can help you. In the meantime, gain access to our FREE Interior Designer Insider Tips for hundreds of ideas and tips for updating your home!