Ladies Holiday Wine Tasting Party

Ladies Holiday Wine Tasting Party

The holiday season is here y’all! I don’t know about you, but our weekends are jam-packed throughout the holidays. From Christmas shopping to family dinners to church services, we are booked. I always feel like I’ve gone MIA from my friends during this time of year so one of my favorite things to do is to kick off the holidays with a ladies-only party. Best part (other than friendship, quality time, food..) is that you play a fun game with wine!

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We hosted a small party for our close friends and were so fortunate to have Scout & Cellar cater our wines and we had fabulous beauty products from Beauty Counter for a little shopping too! We loved having Scout & Cellar and Beauty Counter at our party because they’re both so clean. Scout & Cellar wine has no synthetic pesticides, has ZERO grams of added sugar, ZERO added chemicals and is super yummy (not to mention this clean wine doesn’t leave you feeling groggy the next morning if you know what I mean)! BeautyCounter makeup and skincare is made from only the safest ingredients, in fact, BeautyCounter has “The Never List” that features over 1,500 harmful chemicals found in majority of beauty products but never in BeautyCounter products. BeautyCounter was founded by a working mom and wife who set out to create the best products for her and her family. I’ve been using their sunscreen, foundation and more and absolutely love it!

So here’s how the wine-tasting party works! Katie, our design associate, has played this wine-tasting game at her Christmas party for years and it really does add a fun element for everyone to participate in. Here’s how we play:

  • Ask all of your friends to bring a bottle of wine—red, white, sparkling…it doesn’t matter. Put each wine in a brown paper bag, tie it with string and write a number on the bag.

  • Provide wine glasses as well as pens and paper for your guests. Open all of the bottles and begin sampling the wines!

  • Have your guests write down notes on each wine they try. They can write down anything from “fruity and sweet” to “must be a merlot! Yum!” to “never want to drink this again!”

  • Make sure everyone has access to snacks. A charcuterie board and lite bites are perfect for this event! One of my favorite books is Bites on a Board.

  • After everyone has sampled everyone, compare notes and have the group pick their favorite. You can award prizes to the person who brought everyone’s favorite.

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The game leads to funny conversation, funny faces and a good time with girl friends! It’s a great party to get everyone in the holiday spirit as well, especially if you have some holiday candles burning, the fireplace on and Christmas music in the background. You can even make it an ugly sweater party if you’re really feeling festive!

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Happy holidays everyone! If you decide to play this game at your upcoming party, be sure to let us know and tag us with #mhiholidayparty!

If you’d like to learn more about Scout & Cellar or BeautyCounter, you can contact our good friends Emma and Alicia!

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