Moore House Interiors Design Process

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When you’re building or remodeling a home, it can be so difficult to see the big picture when you have hundreds of decisions laying in front of you. At Moore House Interiors, we like to walk through our entire process with our clients so they know what they can expect from us! Here’s what the general process looks like for new builds and remodels:

Initial Phone Call & Questionnaire

Before we meet in person with anyone, we schedule a phone call! During this call, we chat about your project, get to know you better, answer any questions and walk through what you need help with. It’s important to us that clients love their designer and if we aren’t a good fit for you or vice versa, hopefully you have a feel for that after our 20-minute call. If we are a fit, we move forward by scheduling a consultation meeting! You also receive a brief questionnaire from us with questions about your project, your style, what you’re looking for, your budget and a few other topics. This questionnaire helps us get to know your project a little bit better and helps us prepare for your consultation. We never come to consultations empty-handed, we’ve already started working on inspiration for your home based on what you’ve answered in the questionnaire! If you’re looking for a modern farmhouse look with black trim, white exterior and brick tied in, we’ll show up with images of that to see if we’re on the right track with what we think you’re envisioning. The more of your vision you share with us, the better we can prepare to discuss that vision during the consultation!

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Consultation Meeting

We begin the process with a two-hour consultation meeting. If you’re building a new home we meet at our office and if you’re remodeling, we meet you on site! We talk through the entire project, your vision, your floor plans, budgets, questions, what you’re looking for and maybe meet with your builders or general contractors. We also walk you through our design fees, what you can expect from us and what the process will continue to look like. The consultation is $389 which covers our two hours spent walking through your project, travel time and time spent typing up notes and sending them to you after our meeting. Whether you choose to move forward with us or not after the consultation, we’ll be providing you with our best service during those two hours. If you’d like to move forward with us following the consultation, we send you a proposal with an estimated number of hours we think you’ll need to cover design work. Hours vary based on the size of your home, where it’s at in terms of construction, what you need help with and some other variables. If our proposal looks good then contracts are signed and we begin designing!

Design Work

After the two-hour consultation, we begin designing. Based off your style, what you want in your home and our design ideas, we start putting together design boards. We source flooring, paint, tile, light fixtures, sinks, hardware, countertops, backsplash and more for your home then put it into a presentation with links to all the items. We also get pricing for everything to make sure it’s all within budget. Once our presentation is ready to go, we schedule a meeting to present to our clients in person. Before the meeting, we go to different stores to pull samples of flooring, tile, carpet, countertops and more so that our clients can see and feel them in person. We meet at the office and present all our designs to the clients which typically takes 2-3 hours. We talk through all of our designs and make note of any changes. After that’s done, we do one round of revisions to finalize the project.

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Project Guidance

After we’ve presented our design work to our clients, they can either take the presentation with links to everything and wrap up the process with us or they can continue working with us throughout their home construction! We can come to site visits to check on installations, work with contractors, meet with trim carpenters and more. We will be there every step of the way throughout your home build!


Once construction starts wrapping up, we can either finish working with our clients if that’s what they prefer or we can help with furniture selections! Similar to the design stage, we sit down with our clients and walk through the style of furniture they want and what they need. Then we search for furniture options and create another presentation solely dedicated to furniture. We might even schedule a day to go look through furniture in local stores with our clients to ensure we have complete understanding of our clients style. Once we’ve found everything, we meet with our clients and go through the presentation, again taking notes of any changes. From there, we can give the presentation to our clients and let them do all the shopping or we can help source furniture!

Throughout our clients entire home construction project, we are there for them every step of the way. It can be so intimidating/frustrating/nerve-wracking to make home design decisions! So often we have clients who have a style they like but choosing a backsplash and countertop that look good together is scary! That’s where we step in to help with those decisions and make building a home exciting, not frustrating. We love to help throughout the journey and see a house become a home.

If you have any questions about our processes or how we can help with your home project, please reach out to us!