Winsome Lane Project

I don’t even know where to begin about the Winsome Lane project because it was such a special project to be apart of. The Flynn’s are such a special couple to me. Katie & Patrick have been BFF’s with my husband since they were born. Katie was the one that told me that Matt, my husband, was totally in love with me, only a week after our first date. They helped plan & get me to my surprise engagement party, Patrick was in our wedding, they hosted one of our baby showers & Katie catered a party that I hosted (and she is the most amazing cook, BTW). So when they asked me to help with the redesign of their home, I was so honored! I was also a little scared because it was only my second client remodel & their style is a little more modern than anything I had designed before. I couldn’t say no, because I was so eager to do something outside my comfort zone. Keep reading to see their before & after photos and read what the Flynn’s have to say about the process!


The Flynn’s house is a 1950’s ranch-style home that was dated, straight outta 1980. The front exterior was tired & had seen better days. A brick wall divided the entry & living room & not just any brick wall, one with random missing bricks, on purpose. Carpet covered old hardwood floors (which had some damage that we couldn’t repair) a very brown kitchen, and a blue bathtub. It was time some new life was breathed into this house for this young couple & their growing family.

With this remodel, we didn’t remove any walls, except for that brick wall in the entry, but we touched every surface of this house—new floors, paint-interior & exterior, countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, hardware, appliances, & we got rid of that blue bathtub.


I think the finish product reflects the transitional style & playfulness that the Flynn’s exude & I love it, but let’s hear what the Flynn’s have to say about their home & working with us.

Please describe your home before working with Moore House Interiors. What was your main problem with your home that caused you to hire a designer/decorator? What did you want or need for the space?

We live in a 1950's ranch style home that I don't think had been updated since 1992. It had disgusting carpet, awful exterior, golden brown cabinets, TILE COUNTER TOPS , terrible tile, dated fixtures, and A BLUE BATHTUB. Do you like brown? There was a lot of freaking brown and it was not good. We were expecting a baby and we knew if we didn't get it done before she came, we probably never would. Our goal was to change every surface of the house before baby arrived - new floors, fresh paint, new counters, painted cabinets, new backsplash, new appliances, all new light fixtures, updated bathrooms, outside exterior paint. It was a lot.

Had you worked with a designer prior working with MHI? And what was that experience like?

No and I would never remodel a home without one EVER. AGAIN. A designer is like a project manager who actually cares about how the whole thing is going to look WITH YOUR FURNITURE. A custom home builder or contractor is going to consider the finishes alone. They are also going to source your stuff from the main places that contractor's shop. Google "overpriced generic fixtures" if you're curious. MHI helps you to create that customized look for your home with your budget in mind.


What was your favorite part of the design process?

Seeing our vision come to life. Also saying goodbye to the blue bathtub!!

What do you see as the major difference in doing the project yourself & hiring a professional?

TIME. I was still able to do my actual daily job and MHI could do the heavy lifting of sourcing and project management. The remodel didn't run our lives and that was the main goal.


Many people say that interior design is a luxury service & it’s too expensive. What do you say to your friends & family who believe that they might not be able to afford it?

The expense is actually not that high. Your expense is with what you choose to buy. Additionally, it helps save a lot of money on mistakes you might make because you have an educated eye on what you are doing. Its less likely you will have to go back and fix something because you planned it out with a designer ahead of time.


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers about working with Moore House Interiors?

Watching Ashley grow this business from nothing has truly been amazing to see. She is extremely talented, thoughtful, and creative and has a true love and passion for what she does. It is evident in her work and the way she deals with her clients. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome in the process of creating a space that you will love for years to come. Moore House Interiors is a business grown through a labor of love that makes you feel like family when you're with them. We are so thankful to have worked with them and could not recommend them enough!

Patrick & Katie, the joy was all mine! I am so honored to be able to call you friends and that you trusted me with your home. Thanks for putting up with this crazy man of mine for 34 years. We love yall dearly!

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**All before photos were from HAR.COM & after photos are ©Grace Laird Photography**

Ashley Moore