College Necessities for Boys

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When it’s time for you guy to go off to college, whether it’s his first year or not, he needs to have the right necessities to get him through the year! Guys are normally pretty simple, especially compared to girls, but a few essential items will come in handy during the fun and busy school season. We’ve compiled a few items that we think are important for a young freshman or seasoned senior to have in hand as they go to school!

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Desk | Desk Chair | Comforter | Sheet Set | One Way Sign | Storage Chest | Outlet | Fan | Mattress Topper | Wall Art | TV | Rug

Desk: Many dorm rooms come with a desk, but if you’re in need of one, this desk won’t take up much space and is very functional!

Desk Chair: You’ll definitely need a desk chair that’s comfortable, sleek and easy to move around!

Comforter: This comforter is reversible and very low maintenance, making laundry a little easier for you guy. Plus the colors are moody and masculine!

Sheets: This hypoallergenic sheet set is budget-friendly, no need to spend a fortune on college boy sheets, right?

One Way Sign: The guys are minimalists when it comes to art work for their room. This vintage sign & modern blueprint have a vibe that won’t make them cringe & warm the walls with a small bit of style.

Storage Chest: Space is usually limited in a dorm or college bedroom, but these drawers are stackable or can fit under a raised bed.

Outlet: This power strip has 3 USB ports and 3 outlets. Perfect for maximizing the power in the room and sharing with roommates!

Fan: Keep the air circulating and the room cool with this tower fan! It is a whole room fan, so even though its size is minimal, it’s power is great!

Mattress Topper: A memory foam mattress topper will elevate the typical dorm mattress to the next level! Great reviews & under $50!

Wall Art: If your guy is into gaming, add a pop of color with this poster!

TV: Most guys want a TV for the dorm and this 24” VIZIO is a perfect fit! Plus its a Smart TV and under $130!

Rug: This rug is a room essential item from Target’s dorm collection. It’s size makes it perfect for beside the bed or in front of the closet.

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