Bunk Room Style

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Let’s talk about bunk rooms! Bunk rooms are great for vacation homes, guest houses, rooms you don’t know what to do with or grandma and grandpa’s! Allowing for more beds in the house means more people and more fun. Bunk rooms don’t have to be expensive or high maintenance; we suggest keeping every bed uniform with the same comforter and pillows to keep a consistent style in the space. Check out how we’d style a bunk room by shopping the items below. We love combining vintage-inspired pieces with modern ones!

MHI Bunkroom.jpeg

Sconce | Bedding | Decorative Pillows | Night Stand | Pouf | Fan | Fig Tree | Shelving | Dresser | Rug

Sconce: When designing a bunk room, we love giving each bed their own source of light and a sconce is just the way to do it!

Bedding: This light, neutral bedding is low maintenance and perfect for a space holding several guests!

Decorative Pillow: Nothing like a couple cute, textured, patterned pillows to tie in a space and make it feel cozy and warm.

Night Stand: We love the wood and metal used in this modern-style night stand. It’s perfect for in between the bunks or trundle beds to not only accessorize to space but also give guests a place for their belongings.

Pouf: More seating is always good when hosting! Pouf’s are an easy and stylish seating solution.

Fan: We absolutely love this fan! Nothing like an antique-looking piece to really make a space feel complete!

Fig Tree: Greenery! Greenery! Greenery! If you have an empty space in a room and need to liven it up, greenery is always our answer!

Shelving: Open shelving is always a fun way to accessorize or store items!

Dresser: What better way to complete a space than a distressed dresser? We love this piece! It would go great in any room, not only making a statement, but also providing storage for your guests or loved ones.

Rug: A neutral rug with a simple pattern can go a long way! We love how these lines and colors tie in the pieces of the room perfectly!

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