Bathroom Remodel with RIAD Tile

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Have you been wanting to remodel or update a space in your home but scared to take the plunge? Remodels can be daunting and it’s easy to worry over them, especially if you’re on a tight budget. We helped a young couple with their bathroom remodel and their project was a great example of how to only do what your budget allows, even if that means it prolongs the timeline or means some DIY is involved!

This young couple in the Houston-area DESPERATELY needed a bathroom makeover. Their 1980s home has tons of character and charm but the bathroom had not stood up to the tests of time… or hard well-water! The homeowners were nervous to have the “Before” photos shared because of how grimy the shower and tub look. “It’s clean, I swear,” said the young wife as we went through taking photos, “I can scrub until my fingers bleed but there’s no way to get those mineral stains out. I don’t even feel clean when I take a shower!”

Bathroom Makeover.png
Bathroom Makeover.png

The homeowners decided that not feeling clean in their own shower was reason enough to remodel the bathroom. This isn’t their forever home, it’s their first home, so adding some resale value was another motivation for the update. While the transformation is drastic, the remodel budget wasn’t huge. Because the homeowners needed to save where they could, we gave them some budget-friendly tile options for the shower to help keep costs down. We also suggested they save money on shower glass by just using one pane and keep the shower an open, walk-in design.

The homeowners really wanted to have fun with the design but needed to keep future buyers in mind. A black and white color scheme was a great solution and we thought that RIAD Tile’s Cement Tile would be a great fit for them. We suggested a cement tile because it’s durable, low maintenance and easy to install. RIAD Tile’s Estrella in Black was the perfect fit for this bathroom design! We were thrilled to work with RIAD Tile on this home. Their customer service is second to none and we love getting to support fellow Texans! RIAD Tile offers a beautiful variety of cement, zellige, marble and terrazzo tiles at a great price point. We highly recommend going to RIAD Tile and working with their friendly team to find the tile that’s best for your project.

After the contractors had finished their work and the shower was complete, tile was installed and toilet replaced, the homeowners decided to “pause” on the remodel at this point to save some money to be able to paint and accessorize the space. Our work and the contractors work was done, the bathroom remodel was essentially complete and the homeowners had stuck to their initial budget. But because this couple was budget-conscious, they felt it was a good stopping point to be able to save for a little while to be able to make the additional changes they wanted to.

Bathroom Makeover.png
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Paint is expensive, y’all! So are paint brushes and paint supplies, not to mention painting takes time and your time is valuable. The homeowners saved to be able to paint the entire bathroom themselves, which was no easy feat due to the paneling, cabinet and tight corners. But the paint further transformed the space and was well worth the wait! The final touches to this bathroom renovation were adding accessories such as towel hooks, art, greenery and decor for the cabinet shelves.

We were so honored that the homeowners came to us to help them with their first remodel project! Their project is a great example of making a remodel work for your budget and putting in a little extra work to see it through to completion. Working with RIAD Tile was a treat for us and the homeowners love their beautiful cement tile. If you’re nervous to take on a remodel project in your home, just remember that there are budget-friendly options and designs that can make remodel dreams a reality for you. Sure, you might not be able to afford that marble tile you’re dreaming of, but there’s marble-look tile that will give you the same look you want for a whole lot less. Yes, painters are expensive but if you’re confident in your painting abilities, you can DIY and paint the room on your own. As much as we love HGTV, us designers struggle with the way they portray projects that just completely come together perfectly, seemingly overnight. Sometimes a project as small as a shower can take months because you have to save money to put the final touches in the space. Whether it’s saving money to accessorize a room or saving money to furnish a whole home, it’s not always going to happen overnight. Take the time to make your budget work for you and enjoy the process!