Homework Station

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Every parent loves to see their kiddos hard at work on their studies. Specifying a space for them to do their homework helps get them even more motivated to get things done! We have picked some of our favorite, kid friendly, pieces to make a functional, cozy homework station for your hard working kids.

MHI Kid's Homework Station.jpeg

Galvanized Shelving | Wire Baskets | Barn Light | Chalkboard Calendar | Desk | Desk Chair | Plaid Rug | Desk Organizer | Mason Jars | Electronic Charging Station | Potted Plant

Galvanized Shelving & Wire Baskets: We try our best to keep things organized. The baskets and shelves are the perfect way to hide and store any books or folders, while also keeping the desired look of the space.

Barn Light: We love a good light fixture and this is our go- to! The kids will want to get to work under this beautiful barn light.

Chalkboard Calendar: This is a cute, fun way to keep your kiddos on schedule, letting them fill in due dates with chalk marker that’s easy to erase.

Desk: We love this desk! Not only does it give the perfect weathered look, but it also offers shelves for all the school books so counter spaces can stay clear!

Desk Chair: Who doesn’t love a splash of color in any kid’s room? This chair is light, metal and durable!

Plaid Rug: We love a good neutral rug and this cozy plain options ties everything together for this homework station!

Desk Organizer: Everyone knows desks can get cluttered so easily. This is the perfect solution to stacking those flash cards and storing the many pencils.

Mason Jars: These are a cute way to hold all the markers, colored pencils, glue, and anything else your kids can get creative with!

Electronic Charging Station: Not only does it charge all of your kids electronics, but it also keeps them stored away while they are working!

Potted Plant: A touch of greenery always livens the space!

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