Won't He Do It

Today was a dream day. I sit here after responding to an overwhelming number of supportive comments on social media & I’m am just in awe. Thank you so much for your encouragement & excitement for us as we begin this transition into an office building in Tomball. But yall, I’ve gotta share the full story here because I can’t take credit for anything that has happened here.


My favorite thing to do is to sit back & reflect on things in life & see how God has weaved stories together, and I think this story is pretty special. I look back & think of the summers of my childhood when my mom would want to redecorate my room. She gave me freedom, with gentle guidance, to come up with a design plan. One summer lead to another, which lead to another & it ended up being 10+ years of summers spent planning, painting & recreating my room. The seed of love for ‘home’ is rooted in my mother & my Maw Maw, who is the ultimate Southern hostess! She always has fresh sweet tea & corn bread for whoever stops by. Then there was my Paw Paw, who was a welder & a carpenter. My brother & I would spend the weekends at their home & in his shop. We were given the freedom to create whatever our hearts desired with his guidance. When I packed up my bags to head off to college at Texas A&M, Paw Paw & I sat down & we designed all of my bedroom furniture & he built it all for me. Little did I know that God was writing my story in that hot shop in Grays Prairie, Texas.

After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in education, I started looking for jobs. I really didn’t want to go back home; I wanted to start a path & life of my own. I started looking for jobs & Tomball, Texas was top on my list. A small town outside of Houston, just like the small town I grew up in was very appealing to me. Unfortunately Tomball wasn’t hiring because the teacher turn over rate was so low, but Cy-Fair was, so I moved to the big town of Cypress & called it home for 2 years. I’m not going to lie, I hated Houston. It was too big & my family was too far away. Thankfully though, I had some really good friends who made my years in Cypress not so bad. They became my Houston family & those girls introduced me to my husband. I won’t even get to our story because how God ended up putting us together is a whole other story for a different day!

All of this to say, here I am 12 years later, living in Tomball, Texas & now own a piece of Tomball history that in a few months will be the new Moore House Interiors office. As my friend Teri would say, “Won’t He do it? “ I would be lying if I said the journey to this point hasn’t been hard. There have been days, multiple days, where I have questioned if this is what God wanted me to do. Those days are ones where I felt like I gave too much to the job & not enough time to my family. Or minutes where I’m certain that this is where God wants me to be but the next minute, I’m certain I should throw in the towel. I double my ability daily, I doubt this is where we should be, but then there’s God. In the quiet, He whispers, “This is where you are supposed to be. I weaved your story together long ago & this is exactly how I planned it to go. Trust me. Seek me & then give me the glory.” Yes, Lord, I will, because not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be here, doing the thing that sets my heart on fire, teaching my children what it looks like to trust God at His Word to do what He says He will do & what a little hard work & dedication will do.

This story might not impress you & that’s fine, but I’ve lived it. I’ve seen His hand at work. I’ve read His word & have heard since I was born that He loves me & cares for me. In the day to day, it’s easy to forget that, yet when I look back & really see the story, His hand has been all over it & I cannot take credit for any of it.

Closing day was a dream day. When we moved to Tomball five years ago, I wanted a building so badly. Why? I have no clue, I had no plan or no business at the time. But the dream was in my heart & it continued to grow over the years. And now I’m living that dream with this new space. A space that will be the MHI office & I’m praying this space can breath life into this sweet community. I can’t wait to watch God do His thing in this space, because won’t He do it?

I have big plans for this space & we will hopefully be having a big grand opening in 2020 once renovations are complete. Be sure to follow along with us on this journey on social media & we will update you here & on our email list.

Thank you for your support & following along on this journey! And a big thank you to my husband, who hears my crazy dreams & then does everything that he can to watch those dreams come true. Love you, Matt Moore!

Ashley Moore