Consultation Only

If you simply need a designer to come to your home for one hour to pick their brain, we can do that! Our Consultation-Only fee is $425, travel fees do apply outside 30 miles of Tomball, and we will come to your home for one hour to discuss any design questions or ideas you want to talk about. There will be no notes or follow up after our meeting.

Step One: Discovery Phone Call

All of our projects begin with a free 20-minute Discovery Phone Call. We want to chat with you about your project, what you need help with and let you get to know us better! During our phone call, we will explain our services and if we’re a fit for you, we’ll prepare a proposal for you. Let’s get started!

Step Two:

After our Discovery Phone Call, we will send you a proposal for our consultation service and upon payment, you’ll receive a few calendar dates to choose from to schedule your consulta-tion. On the day of your consultation, we will come to your home for one hour and answer any design questions you have, walk through your home or project with you and let you pick our brain on anything you need help with!

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