Fall Guest Bedroom

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The holiday season means family and friends are coming over and they might be staying the night! While you don’t need to go all out with seasonal guest bedroom decor, it is nice to have some holiday or seasonal touches in your guest spaces. We’ve put together some pieces for you to use in your guest bedroom that will easily transition from fall the winter and even make great base pieces for seasonal decor throughout the year. We’re not big on dropping a ton of money on decor you can only use once a year, we like to find pieces that can be used in different ways all year long! Check out our pieces for styling your guest bedroom for the fall and winter season.

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Bedding Set | Quilt Set | Square Pillow | Quilted Pillow | Throw Blanket | Restoration House | Letter Board | Candle | Tray | Floral Piece

Bedding Set: Don’t be afraid of white bedding (or towels for that matter)!! White bedding is actually the easiest to keep clean because you can keep it crisp and white just by bleaching it or using a product like Oxiclean. White bedding is a great neutral base for any room and will instantly make the room brighter, cozier and very inviting. This set has over 7,000 reviews on Amazon and is well-loved.

Quilt Set: This buffalo plaid quilt set from Target is very soft and cozy and a great way to add a little texture and pattern on top of the white bedding base. Layer the quilt at the foot of the bed and use the buffalo check shams as a base for throw pillows. This set is so cute, you’re sure to use it year-round for fall, Christmas, spring and summer!

Pillows: How pretty are these deep orange throw pillows (we aren’t going to say burnt orange because we’re an Aggie company y’all)? Place two of the square pillows in front of the buffalo check shams and use the velvet, quilted pillow as a final touch!

Throw Blanket: Layer this fall-colored throw blanket on top of the buffalo check quilt at the foot of the bed! You want your guest room to be as cozy as possible for guests and nothing says cozy like a throw blanket.

Restoration House: This is one of our FAVORITE coffee table books! It’s filled with not only home inspiration, but also with beautiful writing that will inspire you to love your own home. This book is a must-have and you’re guests will enjoy flipping through it.

Letter Board: Place this letter board in your guest bedroom and leave a cute message or the wifi password for your guests!

Candle: Fall means pumpkin everything, right? Burn this fall-scented pumpkin candle for your guests upon arrival.

Tray: How pretty is this rattan tray? Place it on the bed with the candle, book and floral arrangement inside of it for a tailored, finished look for your guests.

Floral Piece: One of the cheapest and easiest decor items to swap out with the seasons is greenery. This pretty mustard yellow Goldenrod arrangement is perfect for fall and even into winter. Change it out with some Christmas greenery come December.

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