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Homework Station

Are your kids heading back to school soon? Ours are and we’ve been getting their homework stations organized and prepped for the new school year! I love that my kids have a dedicated space for homework. It helps them focus, stay organized and keeps all their school materials in one place… not on my kitchen counter! Check out our design for a kid’s homework station.

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4th of July Decor & Our Favorite Margarita!

It’s time to celebrate the 4th of July and our beautiful country! But sometimes it get’s frustrating to keep buying holiday decor you use once, shove in a closet and maybe use next year but probably not. We’re sharing pieces that are fun and festive but that can be used in your home year round! We’re also sharing our favorite skinny margarita recipe so you can enjoy a cold cocktail all summer (or year) long.

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